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18th-Apr-2007 09:44 am - mia amore, io retorno
ajme! vrime curi!
(oh my! the time is leaking!)

plays games with us,
races the turtle-fox race,
beats You every time,
You glimpse, it à passe'

encrypts the memories,
does so without notice,
smashes You into nostalgia,
You blink, its present
You blink, its past
You blink, its spent

Drop a tear,
race for the future,
beat the time,
Enjoy the tour of Life,
Drop the trivial smile.
6th-Jun-2006 06:06 am - Saton's Day
A big 06 to all who are having a truely "Saton's Day"!

Let the 6 be with you...weather you want it or not.

06-06-06 06:06

Also, wish all a happy D-Day/Dan D/Jour-J!

Glad Sveriges nationaldag och Svenska flaggans dag!
Kratki Stih


Hodi vlak svrk i svrak,
Vrijeme i vrjeme ne utjeće
Na njegov put.

Pumpa pumpa ide dalje,
Sve rješava i prevladava
Na svom putu.

Gura, trpa, cijepi, guta,
Informacija sva lupa, kuca
Nema njemu puta.
29th-May-2006 11:00 pm - Absolutely Fabulous
Yellow being my favourite colour, I am extremely happy to find this insane yellow theme background.

Looking forward to much good times at live journal.

All roads might lead to Roma*, but poetry we encounter on our way might alternate the pathway.

* - Rome

(It will take some time before anyone here will understand my complex analogies.)
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